1984 – the company is founded by Suski Mirosław. Initially, the production included low-speed traction chassis kits used in agriculture, agricultural trailers and all types of repairs of agricultural machinery.

1994 – the beginning of trailer production, from 1994 the production of cargo trailers for passenger cars and vans began.
2000 – obtaining approval. The next important stage was obtaining approval in 2000 for the production of trailers. This allowed to increase the range of trailer production.



2004 – obtaining a dealer certificate. We have obtained a dealer certificate for the trade and service of Steelpress brand products.



2013 – obtaining European approval – another important stage for the company and its development was obtaining in June 2013 European approval issued by the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic, in accordance with the 2007 Directive as amended by Regulation (EU) No 195/2013.

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Homologacja-SH1     Homologacja-SH2


2010 –start of construction – we have started the construction of a new assembly hall with an area of 2000 m2. We have employed a larger number of skilled employees, new jobs have been created. A new quality of trailers was created.

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2011– new station for cutting profiles



2015 – new stand for profiling metal sheets